More than 50% of software projects fail outright or don't generate return on investment and 54% is due to inadequate management and communication with stakeholders.

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With Quind you will have non technical software quality metrics and development process performance metrics to know if your teams are developing the software right without knowing the technical details.


Madurez Software

Discover the quality level of the software built in your company

Identify the state in which the applications developed in your company are without knowing the technical details through 4 simple and powerful indicators:

  • The code health, reliability and efficiency potential determine the level of technical excellence in the developments.
  • The external quality indicator shows the quality level based on the users' experience in the use of the systems.
  • Identify in which parts of your organization there are efficiency problems

    Through hot spot graphics you will know in which parts of the system the developers are being inefficient when developing. In this way you can focus improvement strategies on the points where you get the highest return on investment.

    Madurez Software
    Madurez Software

    Establish the maturity level of the software development and delivery process

    If you have a DevOps initiative in your organization, you will love this! With Quind you will be able to know the percentage of automated activities in the development process, as well as the parts that require the most attention and the automated tasks that are not yet implemented.

    All your company in a single screen

    Identify at a single glance the general state of the systems developed throughout the company, analyze the impact of how the code is built on key performance indicators and know if your teams are improving their development practices over the time through trend charts.

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    Métricas de calidad del software
    Jerarquias flexibles

    Visualize key performance indicators throughout the organizational structure

    You can configure your organizational structure and Quind automatically generates the key performance indicators at each level of the hierarchy.

    Identify the impact of code problems on quality attributes

    From the classification of ISO-25001 identify the quality attributes that are at risk because of the problems in the code and identifies the level of effort required to solve them. In this way you can measure how expensive it is to mitigate the risks.

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    Métricas de calidad del software


    All our indicators are automatically calculated by analyzing the tools used by your organization and its development teams on a daily basis: Bug Trakers, Code repositories, Service Desk Tools, Static analysis tools, continous integration servers and release managers.

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    Our customer say

    With Quind I have obtained multiple benefits. It gives me day to day the right information to know the quality of the software we are developing. With this i am able to demonstrate to our customers that we are doing our work in the best way and that our software will not cause long-term problems that represent more time and costs.

    Julian Osorio |

    Scrum Master

    Before Quind our scrum masters worked blindly with respect to the teams development metrics; they only knew if the product worked or not and they had some vague idea of technical indicators in SonarQube about good development practices. Now with Quind the managers and product owners have vital information about their projects in a simple and understandable way. With this they can know every day the true potential of their teams and the state of automation of their development processes.

    Jorge Mario cardona |

    Software Architect

    Quind has been a great support in the generation of organizational impact. Thanks to this tool, our engineers are now aware of the consequences of their coding decisions on our customers. The most important thing to create value is to deliver quality products and services and Quind allows us to have visibility through 3 key indicators: Reliability, Code Health and Efficiency Potential that added to different strategies has allowed us to take "small steps that lead to great changes ".

    Edison Vasquez |

    Quality engineer

    Quind gives me consolidated information that I can easily understand without going into much detail. When I see falls or significant increases in any of the indicators, I can go to see which system shows that behavior and so I know which team I review in detail to take improvement actions or identify learnings that I can reapply in other projects. Now we are setting technical quality goals for the teams regarding the metrics that Quind delivers as part of the fulfillment of the project objectives.

    Catalina Ramos |

    COO - Operations Manager


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